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BSysE is one of the best....[more]

Department News

Shyam Sablani is Cocharan Fellowship Program
Training Lead... .[more]
Dr. Shyam Sablani
Manoj Karkee Recieves USDA Tree Fruit Harvesting Grant ....[more]
Manoj Karkee
Qin Zhang named ASABE fellow....[more]
Qin Zhang Fellow
Ogderel Bumandalai in WSUNews ...[more]
Ogderel Bumandalai with Wheat Farmer
BSysE sends 25 Students to ASABE
Dr. Craig FrearDr. Craig Frear talks about
WSU Anaerobic Digestin Systems
Field Day
New Faculty Members Lav R. Khot and Sindhuja Sankaran join BSysE. [more]
Dr. Sankaran & Dr. Khot



Life is good at WSU.

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