Biological Systems Engineering


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Dr. Shulin ChenShulin Chen, Ph.D.

Professor / Scientist               

LJSmith 258
Biological Systems Engineering
Washington State University
Pullman WA 99164-6120
WEB: Dr. Chen's Research Site
EML: Email Dr. Chen
TEL: (509) 335 - 3743
FAX: (509) 335 - 2722
Research & Teaching Interests:

Dr. Shulin Chen works in both the Bioenergy and Bioproducts Engineering and the Land, Air, Water Resources and Environmental Engineering research emphasis areas. He leads a research team of over twenty scientists, graduate students, and visiting scholars working in the field of industrial biotechnology; developing bioconversion processes and systems for the production of biofuel, bioenergy, and bioproducts. Please visit Dr. Chen's BBEL laboratory research web site for more information about his work.





















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