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Gerrit Hoogenboom, Ph.D.Dr. Gerrit Hoogenboom

Professor of Agrometeorology
Biological Systems Engineering
Washington State University-Prosser
24106 North Bunn Road
Prosser, WA 99350-8694
WEB1:  Dr. Hoogenboom's Web Site
WEB2:  Washington Agricultural Weather Network
Tel:      509-786-9371
Tel:      61371 (WSU Direct)
Fax:     509-786-9370
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Research Interests

Dr. Hoogenboom is director of the Washington Agricultural Weather Network (AgWeatherNet) and works in the BSysE Land, Air, Water Resources & Environmental Engineering research emphasis area specializing in the development of crop simulation models and decision support systems. He is also an editor for Agricultural Systems, the Journal of Agricultural Science, Climate Research, and the Brazilian Journal of Agrometeorology. Please visit Dr. Hoogenboom's web site for more information about his work.




















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