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Dr. Claudio O. Stöckle media picture (1MB)Claudio O. Stöckle, Ph.D.

Professor and Department Chair
LJSmith 213 / 203
Biological Systems Engineering
Washington State University
Pullman, WA 99164-6120
Web:   Claudio Stöckle Research
TEL:    (509) 335 - 1578
FAX:    (509) 335 - 2722

Dr. Claudio Stöckle's research is in the Land, Air, Water Resources and Environmental Engineering (LAWREE) research emphasis area. His focus is on the development and application of analytical tools to study, understand and manage the interaction between soil, weather, and crops. He is particularly interested in modeling the environmental impact of agricultural poduction at the field and water shed levels and in further enhancement and support of the Agricultural Crop Systems Modeling Software (CROPSYST) he as developed. Please visit Dr. Stöckle's research web site for more information about his research.


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