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Juming Tang, Ph.D.Dr. Juming Tang Media Picture (1MB)

Professor, Scientist & Associate Chair BSysE
Distinguished Chair of Food Engineering
LJSmith 208
Biological Systems Engineering
Washington State University
Pullman, Washington 99164-6120
Web1:   Juming Tang Food Engineering Research Group
Web2:  Microwave Sterilization
Web3:  Microwave Pasteurization Project
Web4:  RF Pasteurization & Heating
TEL:     (509) 335-2140
FAX:     (509) 335-2722

Juming Tang's work is in the Food Engineering Emphasis Area. He holds several patents and numerous awards and honors for his research into Microwave Pasteurization, Microwave Sterilization of food, and RF Pasteurization & Heating. He is currently the principal investigator of a multi-institutional team represented by members of industry, academia, and government investigating engineering solutions to ensure microbial safety of frozen and refrigerated meals in retail markets. He is also director of the Microwave Sterilization Consortium, again represented by members of industry, academia, and government that was awarded the first ever industrial microwave sterilization process approval from the US Federal Drug Administration (FDA).

Please visit Juming Tang's Research Web Site for more information about his work.


























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