Biological Systems Engineering

Our Graduate Students

(Family Name, First Middle)
  Abdurahman Sadeg LAWREE
  Alfaifi, Bandar Food Engineering
  Alshantiri, Hussin LAWREE
  Alwahaibi, Yahyu  
  Bodah, Brian LAWREE
  Brunner, Emily LAWREE
  Bu, Quan BioEnergy
  Caparino, Ofero Food Engineering
  Copeland/Waggenbrenner, Natalie LAWREE
  Das, Oisik BioEnergy
  Davey, Peter BioEnergy
  Dhawan, Sumeet Food Engineering
  Dobre, Mariana LAWREE
  Dong, Tao BioEnergy
  Gamble, Paul BioEnergy
  Gao, Difeng BioEnergy
  Gao, Allan BioEnergy
  Gao, Xin BioEnerg
  Jiao, Shunshan Food Engineering
  Jiao, Yang Food Engineering
  Karimi, Tina LAWREE
  Ke, Jing BioEnergy
  Kennedy, Nicholas BioEnergy
  Koirala,Kedar LAWREE
  Kumar, Sunil Food Engineering
  Li, TingTing BioEnergy
  Lian, Jieni BioEnergy
  Liaw, Shi-Shen BioEnergy
  Liu, Xiangdong LAWREE
  Luan, Donglei Food Engineering
  Ma, Jingwei BioEnergy
  Miao, Chao BioEnergy
  Mitchell, Shannon LAWREE
  Mohekar, Pallavi Automation
  Nakawuka, Prossie LAWREE
  Nayak,Balunkeswar Food Engineering  
Okoren, Cairo LAWREE
Okwany, Romulus LAWREE
  Palaez-Samaniego, M. Raul LAWREE
  Peng, Jing Food Engineering
  Pickett, Chelsea LAWREE
  Ray, Debjit LAWREE
  Ren, Shoujie BioEnergy
  Resurreccion, Fermin Food Engineering
  Shen, Dongie LAWREE
  Smith, Matthew BioEnergy
  Srivastava, Anurag LAWREE
  Suliman, Waled LAWREE
  Syamaladevi, Roopesh Food Engineering
  Wagenbrenner, Joseph LAWREE
  Wang, Li BioEnergy
  Wang, Lu BioEnergy
  Wang, Meng BioEnergy
  Wang, Xi BioEnergy
  Wang, ZhouHong BioEnergy
  Wensel, Pierre BioEnergy
  Yan, Lishi BioEnergy  
  Yu, Liang BioEnergy  
  Yu, Xiaochen BioEnergy  
  Zeng, Jijiao BioEnergy  
  Zhang, Jingjin Automation  
  Zhang, Wenjia Food Engineering  
  Zheng, Yubin BioEnergy  
  Zhou, Jianfeng Automation  
  Zhou, Qian BioEnergy  
  Zhou, Shuai BioEnergy  


Graduate Student Photo board




































BSysE is one of the best....[more]

Department News

Shyam Sablani is Cocharan Fellowship Program
Training Lead... .[more]
Dr. Shyam Sablani
Manoj Karkee Recieves USDA Tree Fruit Harvesting Grant ....[more]
Manoj Karkee
Qin Zhang named ASABE fellow....[more]
Qin Zhang Fellow
Ogderel Bumandalai in WSUNews ...[more]
Ogderel Bumandalai with Wheat Farmer
BSysE sends 25 Students to ASABE
Dr. Craig FrearDr. Craig Frear talks about
WSU Anaerobic Digestin Systems
Field Day
New Faculty Members Lav R. Khot and Sindhuja Sankaran join BSysE. [more]
Dr. Sankaran & Dr. Khot



Life is good at WSU.

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