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BSysE-598 Coordinators: Dr. Gustavo Barbosa-Canovás
April 25 , 2008

Dr. Larry James, Associate Executive Vice President at Wasington State University, will present:

"From Agricultural Engineering to University Planning, Prioritization, and Accreditation."
April 18 , 2008 (3:30 PM)

Dr. Gaylon Campbell, Vice President and Engineer, and Dr. Anthony Fontana, Senior Research Scientist; both from Decagon Devices, Inc. will present the following two seminars:

Dr. Gaylon Campbell - "Modeling Temperature and Salinity Response of Dielectric Soil Moisture Sensors " 
Dr. Anthony Fontana - "New Method for Moisture Sorption Isotherm Development"

April 11 , 2008

Dr. Li Qunsheng , Professor of Chemical Engineering, Beijing University of Chemical Engineering, PRC, will present:

"An Introduction of the Importance of Separation Process and a New Type of Separation - Continuous Multistage Countercurrent Fractional Crystallization(CMCFC)."  View Abstract
March 28, 2008

Dr. Lance Leloup, Vice Provost of International Programs and Edward R. Meyer Distinguished Professor of Political Science will present:

"Makiing Washington State University a Global University "
March 7, 2008 (2:30 PM)

Dr. Michael Knoblauch , Director of the WSU Electron Microscopy Center

"The Phloem: Cell Biology of Natural Microfluidic System"
February 29, 2008 (3:00PM)

Dr. Scott E. Baker, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

"Fuels, Products and Filamentous Ffingi "

Filamentous fungi are important microbes in industry. In particular, Aspergillus niger, is a model bioprocess organism involved in both enzyme and organic acid production. The US Department of Energy Joint Genome Institute in collaboration with the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Technical University of Denmark, and many other institutions, has sequenced the genome of A. niger ATCC strain 1015, a historical wildtype citric acid producing strain. A second protein producing strain of A. niger, CBS 513.88, was sequenced by a Dutch company, DSM. A comparison of the genome and transcriptome of these two strains has led to interesting insights into differences between organic acid and enzyme production. Other ongoing research by the PNNL Fungal Biotechnology Team will be highlighted as well

February 15, 2008

Dr. Denny Davis, Co-Director, Engineering Education Research Center and Professor in Bioengineering

"Engineering Education Scholarship at WSU"
February 1, 2008

Dr. Thomas Ohlsson, Swedish Institute of Food Technologists:

The European Technology Platform "Food for Life"
Food Process and Environmental Research at SIK
(The Swedish Institute for Food)
December 5 , 2007 (10:00 AM) (Exam: 11:00AM LJSmith 263)

Bilge Altunakar, Ph.D. Engineering Science candidate, BSysE, will present :

"Food Preservation by Pulsed Elecric Fields and Selected Antimicrobials."


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