RF Pasteurization Project

RF Heating Facilities

Numerous modeling software packages are available to the RF group. COMSOL simulation pictured above.

The RF heating and pasteurization group has the ability to analyze and determine the engineering properties of food and packaging materials, model food reaction to RF energy, cook it, analyze the heating patterns, and finally but most importantly evaluate its nutritional quality, texture, color and taste.

Strayfield 6KW and 12 KW 27.12 MHZ Radio Frequency Heating Units

Agilent Impedance and Network Analyzers to determine engineering properties of food and packing materials..

IR Camera

Infrared Camera system to analyze results, compare with COMSOL model and to make improvements.




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Dr. Juming Tang

Professor, Scientist
Associate Chair BSysE
Distinguished Chair Food Engineering
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TEL: 509 335-2140
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EML: jtang@wsu.edu
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