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Video Demonstrations

Showing common operations in ClimGen

Video files are quite large, so you will want a faster Internet connection to view.

UED weather import utility
Shows how to import data using the UED weather import utility.
ClimGen parameterization and generation
Shows how to parameterize ClimGen and perform Generation And finally viewing the output in the UED daily weather editor. (This demo starts off launching ClimGen from the CropSyst parameter database editor weather files Window).
Marking incorrect measured weather data as invalid for parameterization.
Shows how to adjust parameters for solar radiation estimation when measured solar radiation data is not available at a specific site for parameterization of solar radiation parameters, by copying parameters from a nearby location that has been successfully parameterized.
Shows how to use the UED daily weather editor to mark measured data as invalid that had been incorrectly recorded by a the weather reporting source.
Cut and Paste data in the UED daily weather editor.
Shows how to cut and paste weather data from a nearby weather station for times when measure data are not availablee

Note that some of these demonstrations may have been using earlier versions of ClimGen so the user interface screens may be slightly difference but the procedure is essentially the same. Not all demonstrations may have audio commentary.


















Development by:

Dr. Claudio O. Stöckle

Roger Nelson



Gaylon S. Campbell

Leonard S. Ndlovu

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